Kenobi Soft offers a wide range of IT services: website development, custom software, IT outsourcing and development for start-ups:
Website development
Kenobi Soft creates websites for the promotion of companies, foundations, products, services and events.

We provide:

  • Graphic design of the website, including logo design

  • Implementation in a content management system so non-technical people can maintain the website

  • Additional functionality such as online quotes, payments, integration with reservation systems, social media and much more

All websites we make are equipped with Google analytics, SEO search engine optimized and suitable for desktop, tablets and mobile (responsive).

We also execute assignments for your existing website, such as creating versions suitable for mobile phones, online payments, implement redesign and more.

All projects are executed for a fixed price.
Maatwerk Software
Custom software

For the “heavier” programming you can call upon Kenobi Soft. We do not only implement your wishes, but also actively contribute to find the best solution for the best price.The customized solutions we implemented include web-based systems for financial management, billing, transactions, multi-level authorization, resource management, integration with back office systems.

All our work we carry out with the latest versions OpenSource software and Javascript libraries.

Your project is supervised by a Certified ScrumMaster®

Magento webshop
Magento Webshops
Kenobi Soft implements entirely new Magento webshops:  from setting up requirements and graphic design to content entry and putting the web shop live.

All our web shops are responsive (suitable for tablet and mobile) and with good SEO for search engines.

In addition, our Magento specialists are ready to assist you with your existing Magento store, such as creating plugins, making the site mobile friendly (responsive), connections to external systems such as bookkeeping software and much more.
IT Outsoucring
Kenobi Soft provides services for a fixed low hourly rate for IT companies and agencies throughout the EU.

  • Custom development with Open Source software, implementation of websites and design

  • Fixed-price contracts, Scrum or permanent hiring

  • Execution as part of an existing team or completely by Kenobi Soft

  • Supervision by English or Dutch-speaking project managers and with English or Dutch documentation

  • Communication directly with your customer or via your internal channel

Whether you’re with one person or 40 people, with Kenobi Soft you have a reliable partner for long-term cooperation to make the projects for your clients into a success.
 The founders of Kenobi Soft where themselves owners of a start-up and have been involved in the Launchub seed fund.This means that we know the dynamic environment in which a Start-up operates:requirements are never fixed, new ideas need to be developed fast and at the beginning you do not know exactly where you end up. And all this must be done with limited financial resources.
Kenobi Soft has experience with the implementation of MVPs for start-ups.Together with them we brainstorm for the best solution and quickly respond to new needs.
With our short feedback cycle of 2 weeks, according to the Scrum method, you are always in control of your product.All projects for Start-ups are supervised by a Certified Scrummaster®